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Enterprise Architecture

The ability to drive business is IT’s prime directive. Whether you are Migrating to the Cloud or Integrating New Technology into legacy infrastructure, we can help by transforming your Technology Landscape into a Platform that is Responsive to Rapidly Changing Business Needs

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Migrations, Cloud Deployments, Cloud Bursting, expanding into a Virtual Private Cloud, or starting new cloud Development. Whether it’s Google GCE, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or your own Multi-Cloud; We can make it work.

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Big Data is all the rage. The trick is turning that Big Data into Business Intelligence. What exactly is Hadoop? Should I use Big Query? What exactly is Map and Reduce and why is Domain Expertise so important? Great questions. Ask Us for some answers!

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Open Source Development

SDLC and Open Source have become inexorably linked as both a way to modernize your legacy technology platforms and accelerate new solutions. Choosing and licensing the RIGHT components is critical to success. We can save you time and money.

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The Disruptive Technologies Enabling the Enterprise

In order for Business to deliver modern solutions that reach its audience in the most effective manner, Technology is a major competitive advantage.

For most Enterprises, the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, organization, processes and application delivery landscapes have become increasingly complex to manage.

Heterogeneous environments, acquired and legacy applications, COTS software, overlapping organizational functions and divergent data stores are having an impact on the business’s ability to deliver new, upgraded, or enhanced services in the most efficient manner possible.

What's everyone doing about it? Ask Us.

  • "What can The Cloud do for us?" The answer to that question is key to the future success of IT.

  • Mobil integration means an interactive, real-time, connection directly to their customer.

  • Can we have is Sooner?" With the Cloud, Open Source and DevOps tools the answer is "Yes"

  • Analytics generate insights that can increase sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.

"If these guys are Plan B, why did we have a Plan A?"

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